Associazione  Italiana Progeria Sammy Basso onlus



The first Direction Board of the association formed by the seven founders Amerigo Basso, Patrizia Basso, Moreno Basso, Mara Cecchin, Daniela Bonato, Eugenia Guzzi and Laura Lucchin remained active (as by statute) for six years in order to consolidate the Association.

After this period, by statute, every other elected Direction Board remains active for three years.


The Direction Board was renewed on 14rd April 2021.  

Nowadays the Direction Board is composed by:


President: Amerigo Basso

Vice President: Riccardo Zanolli

Secretary: Riccardo Viero

Treasurer: Moreno Basso

Board Member: Laura Lucchin

Board Member: Gabriele Caron

Board Member: Eugenia Guzzi






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